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Tankless Water Heaters Are Gaining Popularity

Tankless water heaters over the past 20 years have been used primarily in Europe and Asia. They are just beginning to gain a wider acceptance and use here in the United States. Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than traditional tanks, because the heating of water is not done in the tank, but happens as the hot water is used. They also require much less physical space and this is a reason to a large extent, they have so much popularity and are more common in Europe and Japan. Space is always an issue there.

Atlas Plumbing Services of Dallas is very pleased that our customers have chosen to install tankless water heaters in their homes. We have experience in both internal and external units, tankless water heaters, and can provide installation for most brands. Customer service representatives also can help you decide which is most appropriate for your needs.

Tankless water heaters are gaining popularity in the United States for several reasons:

Endless Hot Water

A tankless water heater is able to heat water on demand, the hot water never runs out. Tankless systems are usually good solutions for homes with a tub or spa or pool. Especially large families, or bigger homes with higher hot water demands. If you currently have a 66 or 80 gallon or even 50 gallon tank and plan to upgrade, we strongly suggest that you consider the Tankless Water Heater as an option. A service technician from Atlas is happy to come out, provide an inspection, and let you know the costs associated with installation of a new tankless water system for your home or business.

You will have gallons of hot water available with the turn of a faucet. Tankless water heaters offer limitless supply of hot water when compared to the capacity of conventional water heater. Mainly because of the recovery rate. Tankless water heaters are compared on the basis of flow rate. Tankless hot water heaters used under the maximum flow rate at home require no recovery, which means the hot water supply is unlimited.

Flow rates for Residential Dallas tankless water heaters that heat your homes water, are measured in gallons and on the rise in heat (usually 25 or 50 degrees) and up to 8 gallons per minute. One unit that can heat 4 gallons per minute is able to handle your shower and even an appliance both operating at once. A unit that is designed to handle over 7 gallons per minute can usually work with two showers and an appliance.

It is important to note: the hot water that flows from your faucet or shower still takes time to flow from the tankless water heater and do not, we repeat Do not give instant hot water.


Next, tankless units are very small and will help you to free up additional space in your home or garage.

Energy Efficient

Tankless water heaters are more effective than a traditional hot water heater powered by gas. In fact, most traditional water heaters currently are running at only 62% efficiency. Efficiency is a measure of heat transfer from a power source for hot water. Tankless units are usually operating at more than 80% energy efficiency. Tankless water heaters offer more energy saving standard water heaters, because the water does not need to continuously heat and only heats water on demand. The effectiveness of traditional water heaters may also be reduced over time, due to the volume of sediment they usually accumulate, it takes away from the energy efficiency.

In general, consumers who own a tankless water heater and do not change their habits of hot water consumption, can save between 30-60% or around $150-$400 or so in annual energy costs for heating water at home.

High Quality / more durable product

Tankless units are usually the last two times as long as a traditional water heater

Home Sales Value

In some cases, home owners can increase the value of your home sales,  and make it possible to recover the cost of tankless water heater they have had installed. Plus, many states usually offer monetary incentives to swap out their traditional tank with a tankless water heater.

Remember to check with the power company for incentives as well. Discounts for these services become available all the time in our service areas. The various manufactures may also offer different discounts and credits for special models.

What size tankless water heater should I buy?

Currently, most major manufacturers of tankless water heater tankless water heater to make a variety of sizes. Unlike traditional tanks, tankless water heater the size of their capacity flow per minute rating. The capacity is determined by the gallon per minute (or GPM). Most manufacturers typically carry units that range from four to eight GPM.

In our experience, units with a GPM of less than 5 are sufficient for studio apartments and small one bedroom, bathroom homes. If your home is larger than that we recommend that you install a unit that is a 6 to 8 GPM rated system. For very large homes there is the option of installing multiple tankless water heaters.

How much will it cost to install tankless unit?

Costs for mounting and installing a tankless water heater varies greatly. Usually you need to do an evaluation to determine the total cost.

To properly install a unit, your home or office must be equipped with gas or propane, and generally:

  • 200,000 BTU tankless heating units usually requires us to run a dedicated gas line.
  • category 3 stainless steel air venting. It may also require us to move the unit to an outside wall.
  • Additional plumbing or piping if we must relocate the unit.
  • Run dedicated power supply to unit. In case of power failure we can install a system backup battery to offer hot water during a power outage.

Having a tankless water heater in your Dallas Home or Office that is installed properly, can dramatically decrease the power usage and the help you to get more satisfaction from your appliances. If your home is newly built and designed the costs for tankless units installation will be reduced significantly!

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