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Our homes, offices and other buildings are equipped with full plumbing systems so as to carry out the disposal of waste and flow of water so that a channelized operation can be carried out automatically to keep cleanliness and hygienic atmosphere. Our sinks, bathtubs, showers, Faucet, Toilets and other fixtures are all dependent on this system. This is why it is essential to keep it well maintained. Atlas Plumbing offers comprehensive plumbing maintenance and repair services in number of cities. The plumbing system is comprised of several essentials for which we provide following services:

Bath And Kitchen Faucet

We have plumbers who are specifically trained for different plumbing jobs. First of all let us come to bath and kitchen faucet problems. Any leakage of faucets or dripping of water, overflow or low density flow of water would adversely affect out kitchen and bathroom. Atlas plumbing solves all such problems.

Pipe Leaks And Repair

Next comes the role of pipes in which the fluid flows i.e. the flow of its contents. Water/gas is of utmost importance because any leakage or pilferage would be disastrous enough to have adverse fatal effects. We, therefore, are very very particular in tackling any such leakages.

Slab And Ceiling Leaks

Think of the situation and the tension one has to face when there is seepage in rooms from ceilings and slabs. Why one should worry for this when Atlas Plumbers are there to provide complete relief from such leakage problems.

Showers, Sinks, Toilets

A clean and hygienic life is the necessity to keep an individual away from serious diseases / infections which keeps one healthy and give longer life. Who would not like to have such a clean atmosphere and for this an individual must keep the showers, the sinks and the toilets running properly and intact. Again, there is nothing to worry about it when door step services are being offered by Atlas to remove such problems.

Plumbing Fixture Replacement (Bathroom, Kitchen And More)

An individual who wants to be free of tensions and enjoy slumber, he or she should always believe and knock Atlas Plumbing door for all the problems pertaining to drainage, sewage and plumbing systems such as:

  • Toilet
  • Faucet
  • Shower
  • Shut-off Valves and Valves
  • Garbage Disposals

The garbage contains germs, insects, virus, bacteria and other micro organisms, therefore, the garbage disposal is the most essential activity which can be entrusted to Atlas Plumbing.

Hot Water Heaters

"The equipment like hot water heaters which need serious attention, can be taken care by Atlas with full reliability."

From the above, it is crystal clear that the above types of equipments are just like the body parts of a building and each of the above has its own significance and utility as far as our plumbing infrastructure is concerned. All such elements must run efficiently to ensure a proper system of plumbing and any defect or damage can cause serious problems leading to difficulties in living. In case of any damage and destruction/going old of these equipments need an immediate attention for their repair/replacement and for this one should resort to Atlas Plumbing services with full belief.

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